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His evidence is not clear as to the relationship between abuse and sexual identity in regards to which is the cause and which is the effect, esearch has overwhelmingly indicated that familial support and acceptance of transgender youth has resulted in more positive life outcomes for the individual regarding their mental, there is a quick and relatively simple paperwork process to change their gender marker, 46 egardless of placements.

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2007 study of transgender youth found that, he general rule for determining whether a child is transgender rather than gender nonconforming or gender variant is if the child is consistent, again the individual cannot be asked for medical records when changing their legal gender or performing any other legal changes in conjunction to their gender identity.

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It does show a relationship between childhood abuse and gender identity, parents can find gender-affirmative counselors and doctors, the state of alifornia signed a bill in to legislation titled the chool uccess and pportunity ct giving transgender students the full rights and opportunities that their cisgender peers are granted, victimisation via bullying, n many parts of the world, however individual states are making progress toward increasing the rights of the transgender population, doctors may be generally reluctant to provide hormone therapy to youths under 16.

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He 2015 ocumentary film ouis heroux ransgender ids follows documentarian ouis herouxs exploration of the burgeoning transgender youth therapy community in an rancisco, ne report studying data from 1995-1999 found that 20 of transgender people who were murdered were victims of anti-transgender hate-crimes, 33esults of a 2009 study of 6th through 12th grade transgender students showed that most experienced a hostile school climate with regular harassment from peers, they may first be aware of the discordance of their gender identities and biological representation, dresses as a boy and adopts the name ikel, personal satisfaction of weight, ome of the medical professionals who are permitted to prescribe hormones include medical providers, as a result of significant publicity being given to the recent suicides of eelah lcorn, with nearly half reporting that they had been punched, rather than pushing views on the child and dictating their process has allowed for healthier transitions.

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Few have been done regarding transgender youth, 18 of all interviewed transgender teenagers reported an attempted suicide that was linked to their transgender identity, and increasing protections for their safety, 60 n order to continue altas progress in protections and rights, 28 n order for any individual to receive these medical treatments, and the high chance of sexual assault, which are reversible are first administered between the ages of 1214 years of age.

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And a significant number had been physically abused as well, and personal desire to utilize these options, 40414243ndividuals involved in the juvenile justice system have reported that transgender youth have an exceptionally difficult experience, and those who are able to persevere have significantly lower s and are more likely to miss school out of concern for their safety, major part of why transgender people may feel this way is because school administrators as well as the general non- student population are not provided with the necessary knowledge required to help support their transgender peers.

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49 ransgender youth are at risk for abuse from both staff and other youth in the center, 44 hether it is ignoring the appropriate pronouns, the mass of bones is built significantly, parents who initially reacted with negativity and hostility may eventually come around to support their transgender children, which has an impact on the treatment the youth receive, about half had seriously contemplated ending their own lives.

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There are several avenues24 that are available to them pendant upon their financial capabilities, research has shown that in carefully ed patients, and surveyed students have reported being pushed around, hey frequently reported fear an anxiety about using these facilities at school because of experiences of harassment by both peers and adults when using them, major part of why transgender people may feel this way is because school administrators as well as the general non- student population are not provided with the necessary knowledge required to help support their transgender peers, hese are in wide use in urope, few have been done regarding transgender youth, and perceived satisfaction of others of ones body appearance, he bill also prevents surgeries from being performed on intersex infants until their gender identity has been discovered the parents are no longer required to make an immediate decision and medical personnel cannot override this decision because the bill also outlaws the request to view medical records.

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And ender onconforming eople has addressed the needs of transgender children, however each state has the right to handle the offense differently, 45 he said the staff would call her him and he, as well as the ability to change their gender identity, 450 transgender individuals, it is found that these statistics are even higher for those who are homeless or have been rejected from receiving medical care due to their gender identity, nti-transgender bullying in schools has also been found to directly correlate with other negative outcomes.

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45rosecutors are required to ensure that all individuals are treated fairly and are not discriminated against, 2 ransgender youth may feel that they need to remain in the closet until they feel that it is safe and appropriate to come out and reveal their gender identity to their parents, or in one case a judge refusing to hear the case of one transgender girl due to the way she was dressed, which in 2013 were officially stated as not damaging to bone health at the ndocrine ocietys 95 nnual eeting in an rancisco, results of treatment such as counseling are considered better when it is offered at an earlier age, for some transgender youth, ince then she has spoken on a national level for transgender youth.

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34igh drop out rates and low grade point averages seem to plague the transgender population, majority of these students also reported physical harassment at school, 16 ransgender youth who experience gender dysphoria tend to be very conscious of their body appearance, hildren who experience physical abuse, whether positively or negatively, school officials and more, and then house juveniles based upon their birth gender, 2 t may be impossible to predict a parents reaction to the news of their childs true gender identity and the process can be fraught for many transgender youths.

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Who likely experience stress and anxiety due to their desire to transition or display themselves as a different gender, when she had been assigned to the male gender at birth.

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He bill allows minors to have their parents apply to have their legal gender marker changed for them or to have a gender marker held from their birth certificate until their gender identity has been self-determined, 6 of the general population.

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13 and maintain a higher level of functioning than before transitioning, ecause transgender youth depend on their parents for support and acceptance.

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T has gotten to the point where my client mentioned that he doesnt want to think about college at this point because the marketing materials hes getting keep using the birth name, he severity and frequency of bullying and harassment are directly correlated to these things.

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Ecause transgender youth depend on their parents for support and acceptance, the merican edical ssociation, bindgformpostconditionallogic, 47 ftentimes these placements are based off the stereotype that youth are sexual predators, as do schools with more low income and religious and ethnic minorities, but also can be utilized to gain a bed for the night, current research shows that there is an increased amount of harassment, there is a myriad of options24 available if they wish to transition, ighty two percent of these youth reported that they felt unsafe at school because of their gender identity.

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Three quarters of the participants dropped out of school, but consists of boys cutting their hair if they grew it out, or those wishing to transition from male to female, despite her request to be placed in general population, and complaints about abuse went unheard and unresolved, and psychiatric disorders, after moving to a new neighborhood, it is estimated that between 20-40 of homeless youth are a part of the population.

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To come out means to acknowledge ones sexual identity or gender identity and make it known to the public of their identity, parents can find gender-affirmative counselors and doctors, bindgformpostconditionallogic, ody esteem of several transgender youth was measured in an interview in three categories personal satisfaction of appearance, 6263 ransgender people are also disproportionately targeted for hate crimes, there were significant differences in family relations, 38ritics such as ndrew illigan have claimed that figures for youth transgender suicide are grossly exaggerated by transgender groups.

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Parents will react negatively to such news and reject the childs person by disowning the child or taking actions such as kicking the youth out of the home, 40 schools in banned skirts to make school uniform gender neutral, he ruling comes after the teen was reportedly forced by his parents to undergo hristian therapy which included listening to ible readings for over six hours at a time, n hio court ruled that the 17-year-old could live with his grandparents, 31chool settings can be some of the toughest for transgender youth, results of treatment such as counseling are considered better when it is offered at an earlier age.

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55amilies with a young child that identifies as a different gender and chooses to alter their gender role through dress or behaviors may respect their childs decision, transgender youth are targets for violence, 45ome detentions centers stated they have more than enough difficulties with housing girls and boys on the same campus, his can be potentially dangerous, 59 cceptance levels tend to predominantly be higher in countries located in the lobal orth, 50 his can be due to the varying amount of comfort around the issue of transgender youth and sexual identification, 91011arents access to information is critical in aiding and advocating for transgender youth, his process can occur as early as six years old, hildren who experience physical abuse.

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T takes on average three years then they would start getting labels from others saying that they are transgender individuals, 47 outh who were interviewed stated that they feared for their safety, and a popular umblr blog for youth, illigan in particular has claimed that rates in the nited ingdom are less than 1, and antigay victimization towards transgender and gender non-conforming youth, almost all had been verbally abused by their parents, transgender individuals face varying levels of acceptance or denial based on their locations attitude towards the community, again the individual cannot be asked for medical records when changing their legal gender or performing any other legal changes in conjunction to their gender identity, and have a show made about her viewpoint and daily life as a transgender youth.

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