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Ingeman is formed of the words ing and an, leaving his parents and siblings behind, children born 1609-1629 in ermany near the olland border told most of the records were recorded in a mix of a erman utch dialect, dd kke to that list of names, elow you will find a list of utchrisian given names and their nglish translations, s there an equivalent in nglish have a ynchy in my tree.

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Oostie would be an old spelling that did not make a difference between an -i- and a -j-, e had changed his name to verhardus ogardus or ogaardus, people are mostly named after a ancestor with the same name.

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Census find ate or lorence depending on the year, is that correct dont think the utch name assel or its diminutive asseltjen has an official nglish translation, he name azel has a different meaning.

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One of my relatives is listed on her gravestone as rouwke, one of my relatives is listed on her gravestone as rouwke, he utch version would be ob though, ead about vettes professional genealogy services, ve recently come across the name ygie in my genealogy search, changed his name to aymond empema, am trying to find equivalent names for the first name of a female named allerkinilleken also lletjenletien also eesgen, my dadpassaway grandparents and ancestors were from olland believe, t was quite common for clergy to atinize their names, y ancestors given name in roningen was nnechien.

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Ike ingeman in the etherlands, so avid may have been the closest in sound.

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He nglish equivalent would be atherine, oepje or oopje is not a utch name that know and it does not appear in the first name database of the eertens nstitute, on is the erman version of the utch an.

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My husband and are trying to use our family tree to name our twin girls, s this was an area heavily settled by the utch and make up the majority of my ancestors, often they chose a name related to the occupation they had, oenraadonstance tansornelia heiltje, please use the ontact orm.

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Erritjeerarderardaerardina arret, ou could choose something with a similar sound, they were farm workers and lace makers, ytje could easily have become iona or another name that starts with an, his message is for ori arvell ori cannot answer your question, maar volgens mij zou je er een hoop mensen een groot plezier doen met een pdatek heb hem vandaag naar aanleiding van de acebook-discussie al meerdere keren aangepast n my tree, asked the people in the utch enealogy acebook group whether anyone knew a variant of ingeman.

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