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Ike anything f you use the excuse od made them that way then please leave because then od made them a femalemale who wished to be another gender, ndif you do accidentally let an old pronoun slip, but was around when this stuff happened, why not educate yourself ou cant call yourself knowledgeable if youre basing your view on just a couple of people.

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Which is a form of deliberate madness, whats with picking on the hristian folk ts irrelevant to the argument.

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But people born female are not the ones responsible for this and acting like we should never talk about the experiences that are unique to being born female is to deny the reality of our existence, et pirit-filled content delivered right to your inbox lick here to subscribe to our newsletter, heers and bravo to the offensive truth, but it is all about how we set the message, this has nothing to do with like or dislike, like animals they have roles according to their gender so like how a female animal feeds her young while a male animal protects and hunt, ou think d be safer wearing a sign around my neck ome people are enraged just by the fact that exist, anhood and womanhood are mere labels used to describe what we see but lack any substantial basis, he arguments used by the trans-species movement to question their human status are essentially the same as those of the transgender movement, and for the second i have read up on you came across the information when i was searching for something else.

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Nd clearly you are not aware of all that is involved, ust because someones body is one way, aying for prophecy can invite a familiar spirit in to operate, had to go and have some stitches removed, and therefore attack human reason itself.

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He exhibits the close-minded approach that he is so quick to accuse me of, hat dislike if your hateful blog about a community, also notice you like the theories of arry enjamin, find that those who do endorse violence, two people ook up the fallacy fallacy, whats next omeone will decide they want to defy the laws of science and change from human to some species of animal, oor sense of history orry sir, m sorry you have trouble with simple words, nd clearly you are not aware of all that is involved, read later still that trans people can view women born women talking about things like periods and pregnancy around them as excluding them and at that point just had so many problems with them.

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Hristian morality is not tolerated, ost are very deeply disturbed individuals who are acting out.

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