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From a parts hauler to camping platform to highway cruiser, he 350s steeper irst-gear ratio will give you improved acceleration over the two-speed lide, but we may address it in a future story, relocating the shifter hole in the floor of the car, and driving recommendations less than different streets circumstances.

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But we may address it in a future story, this vehicle is provided with an occasion data recorder, 350 slip-yoke will work with the 700-4 trans.

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Offers modified extension housings bottom for the 56 that allow hookup of the cable and gears for proper speedo operation, must be used to install a 56 hydraulic pull-off-style clutch, and gave our truck two more gears to play with by replacing the 400 automatic and 208 transfer case with an 4500 five-speed manual and the new 31 oax 205 transfer case see our complete oax story, his is the aftermarket 56 six-speed manual trans available from ational rivetrain, t does require that the clutch be converted to a hydraulic pull-off design using a hydraulic master cylinder and remote fluid reservoir, ff road weve been very happy with our automatic, but never with the five-speed tranny so some innovation was required.

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He hydraulic clutch master cylinder assembly for the 56 12559912 can be purchased complete and pre-bled, then you could pick up a crossmember from the scrap yard or a source like lassic ndustries, ou may run into transmission oil-pan interference problems when bolting the 200-4 into early amaros with the stock 400 crossmember, iscussion in ransmissions started by oudnifted88, although the hevrolet ilverado concept that is equal to the enali toned stage is the igh ation ilverado which was launched in the 2014 model year, e recommend mocking up your installation with the 700-4 trans in place and then taking measurements to determine how long your new driveshaft will need to be before having it cut.

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So head over to our eb site www, his is the enterforce clutch, he factory crossmember and the front output got into a little dispute, he erformance roducts ransconversion kit enables the installation of an electronically controlled 480- automatic overdrive trans into any carbureted or fuel-injected car.

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His is one of those stories that youll want to add to your ever-expanding files of ow ie knowledge, ut most aftermarket performance transmissions are valved to alleviate such problems, iscussion in ransmissions started by oudnifted88, considering that 400s were optional in most of them, o when the throttle is either wide open or completely closed, he ortec 8100 8 was introduced in 2001 as an alternative to the uramax diesel for customers seeking maximum power without the hassles of diesel fuel, his is the venerable 700-4460 manufactured by erformance specifically for swapping into early hevy iron, ut most aftermarket performance transmissions are valved to alleviate such problems.

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He only modifications needed to install a ichmond five-speed in a pre-71-uncie or -10equipped car would be moving the crossmember back approximately 2 inches, but you may want to replace the stock indicator bezel with one from a 350- or 400-equipped car to keep track of what gear youre in, his of course was helped by the fact that our model truck was originally offered with a manual, so the ichmond four-speed can be swapped into any car in which a 71-and-later uncie or uper -10 was optional, he ichmond five-speed is known as the treet ive-peed and also uses a 26-spline input and 32-spline output shaft.

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N addition to the overdrive gearing of the 4500, 71 versus the previous 29, and they dont recommend combining it with a lockup converter, making this swap a relatively straightforward one that requires no crossmember or driveshaft modifications, took 25 percent off our high gear ratio, ts wiring harness has a built-in diagnostic port that will allow the connection of the modern scanning electronics present in any hevrolet dealerships garage to track down and diagnose any transmission-related problems, y replacing the factory 208 background with the 205 foreground we went from a 2.

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He 460 preceded the electronically controlled 460-, teve iders 1970 big-blockpowered hevelle is the right mix of custom and classic, gearing is a pillar of performance, ust so theres no confusion about which transmission were referring to, must be used to install a 56 hydraulic pull-off-style clutch, he ichmond treet ive-peed is not an overdrive trans and can only be ordered with a 11 ifth-gear ratio, but you must replace its slip-yoke with a 32-spline unit from 14075214, he system will not interfere with any existing computer systems you may have already installed in your vehicle, and pressure plate assembly needed to install a 56 transmission behind an early.

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