Sustainability goes digital …

Digital Sustainability Consulting is helping public administrations, startups, established corporations as well as social businesses and non-profits to reap the benefits of sustainable digital practices – either as producers or users of digital goods.

What does it mean? Digital resources are used sustainably if their utility for society is maximal, so that digital needs of today’s and future generations can be met equally. Digital needs are met optimally if the resources are open – accessible to the largest number and reusable in a way free from technical and legal restrictions. Digital resources entail software programs, data, content, and formats/protocols. DSC’s offering includes strategy consulting, training, research, and advocacy around:

DSC helps clients in these areas by conceptual planning and strategy development around designing open ‘business models’ as well as addressing key aspects like community building, open licensing of community-generated intellectual property, and openness of technical solutions.

Depending on your needs, DSC can act as an independent and neutral ideas provider, sounding board, or reviewer when you think strategically about opening up parts of your value creation processes to involve online communities outside your organizations’ boundaries. In all areas mentioned, DSC can help identify the strategy landscape through quality research for policy and business decision makers.

If your organization has developed an openness strategy, DSC can help you in the implementation phase with assessment instruments to track progress in opening up value creation processes (“ready2open”). We can train your staff in how to bridge the gap between organizational hierarchies/boundaries and fuzzy online communities to build long-term mutually benefiting interactions (e.g., designing public-community partnerships for public sector bodies including the design of community-based events like hackathons or app contests). In such projects, DSC can give advice on utilizing open copyright licensing schemes and open standards for technical specifications to help spur community participation and create win-win crowd-sourcing innovation approaches.

If your organisation is at an early stage, DSC can enrich the brainstorming phase and bring in and outside perspective through engaging and thought-provoking key-note presentations or high-level awareness-raising workshops for decision-makers.


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